I think the world needs to chill out.

I’ve been noticing a lot of things lately. Particularly things of interest to those who wish to be better off than they currently are. In other words, people like me. Two fridays past was the climax of a week that pretty much tore me a new ass hole. I delt with it by over thinking everything. It worked. I decided that I can’t be a failure for this logic: A failure is someone who screws up and follows that up by giving up. If you haven’t given up, you aren’t a failure.

That works for me because I’m sort of good at making mistakes. I fuck up a lot. BUT. I learn from it. I probably don’t learn the lessons that i’m supposed to but that doesn’t really matter. I still learn something and get to a state of mind better than I had before.

Anyways, I’m starting to plan for my next trip to Europe. I’m giving myself more time for the planning of this one so I want to map it out and make it better for documenting. Any suggestions on places to go?


So in regards to my last post…

My anti-virus program totally just deleted my game. Ya, I’m over it haha.

Grow digital Hemp with me!

Haha I’m addicted to that new game on adultswim.com called Hemp Tycoon. It’s fuckin sweet. You’re character is a pot leaf that you direct around to tend to your hemp. You buy higher and higher quality plants that earn you more money as you go. I’ve got an empire in progress! join me!

Dedicated to those who truely do not give a fuck:

Happiness…. I wonder if maybe it can’t be defined. But maybe it can be, and that’s why I ask. I’m hoping it’ll be like getting laid for the first time. A seemingly impossible task, but once you’ve done it, it doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent. You knew it was worth it all along.

Can you tell me what it means to be happy? Try to define it. I’ve been trying to define it for two months north of twenty years now and I’m still unsuccessful. In fact, the pursuit of finding an answer has only presented more questions. Happiness is something that should be experienced by all beings capable of labeling such an emotion. It is what is felt when we are content with the world surrounding us. It means that life is good as and although there are things that could be better, if you had the chance you might not change any of them.
For something that so many billions of us seek, that’s a pretty week definition. I mean sure you could plug in the dictionary definition of happiness and call it good, but what good would that do? It’s one of those words in the English language that can only be defined by using itself in the definition. In other words it’s something that at least so far in human existence, we haven’t found a way to describe it. It’s the sort of thing that when you have it, you can’t describe it except by explaining that you have it.
I’m human and if there’s one thing we do better than anything else, it’s asking questions. I want to ask you a question: What do you think it means to be happy? Can you put a definition on it? Maybe it’s not worth it to ask such questions but I want to anyways. I’m challenging you to put reason where I have failed to find any. I want to see what you think we’re in this for.

I shall be posting soon!

I’ve got a few more posts left on my trip to Europe. I’ll get them up soon. Haha my ass is lazy I guess… I’m over it.

I’ve got a new idea for my blog. Starting soon I’m gonna host a guest blog every week for a while and see how that goes. If you’re interested in posting on my sight contact me at: motocrossman94@gmail.com
Gonna be fuckin sweet. (hell ya bold text)

Give a helping hand, Dumbass.

I’m really diggin Bruxelles. I’m learining how to cuss in french haha. I’m staying in a nice hostel which I find to be oddly named. “2 go 4” is the name.

Okay so now on to the reason why this post has been titled as it is. Football is really big here. By football, I mean soccer. The best pub to go here for a soccer game is the Celtica. Cheap beer, HD TV, and a good vibe are to be found here. The night previous to this one I managed to get myself proper drunk as they say and upon leaving the establishment at around 1 I got…. lost hahahah.

It wasn’t completely a result of being drunk though. I had ripped my map earlier in the night. I stumbled around awile. Eventually I ended up in a park that I figured I could find on my map. I had only been in the park for a few seconds before I found myself face to face with a man that looked like… Jesus haha. He had hair down to his shoulders and a beard even longer. Continue reading

Long story, short.

We’re coming home early. Sierra hurt her knee, blah blah blah, looks like we’re coming home sometime next week ish.