The traffic game

I am an expert at what I like to call the traffic game. This is the game of weaving my way through traffic in order to make it to school on time everyday. Yes, I’m that asshole who passes you in the right lane only to swerve into your lane when mine ends. I acknowledge the fact that my destination is no more important than anyone else’s yet I still choose to cut. I am ruthless and feel no remorse. I am a terrible person and you know what? I’m okay with it. I get to school on time and that’s what counts. Hell sometimes I take risky maneuvers to see if I can get an adrenaline rush. I’ve yet to succeed in getting one but who knows right? I once had a shouting match with a man driving down the freeway which I’d go so far as to say was borderline entertaining. So next time I cut you off in traffic be sure to flip me off. If that doesn’t get my attention try flashing your lights. You might just make my day.

Speaking of driving, I want to get a white board so I can write messages to people while I’m driving. Have you ever been pissed off because you wanted to let someone know they drive like my 67 year old grandma but you had no ability to do so? Or what if you want to hit on the girl driving next to you? Imagine all the possibilities if you had a white board in your car! I’ll be able to get girls numbers without even having to talk to them. It’ll be kinda like Myspace for the road. I could even post my mood on the side of my truck so that thousands of people I’ve never met will know what’s on my mind. Oh the joy.


2 responses to “The traffic game

  1. robbie erickson

    you wont get no pussy because of a whiteboard faggot. hahahahahahaha

  2. Hey I think it sounds legit. it’s worth a try.

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