Only the good die young, right?

If you had the opportunity to go for your dreams would you? Staring you in the face is reality. You must stare back and make a decision. It’s tough following through with that which we are unsure of. It is this uncertainty that creates fear. From fear comes the desire to follow everyone else and return to our stationary position in life. You know what I say? Fuck it. I’m going for it. I made a decision tonight. I have the ability and quite possibly the means to get where I want to go. In reality there is only one major set back and that is my student loans. If I can get everything squared away with them… In three weeks time I shall be in Paris. Details beyond this I’m withholding for two reasons. Mostly I just haven’t got anything planned out yet. Secondly, I don’t want shit to pop off. Even just the posting of this might make shit pop off.

In an unrelated subject, I fell flat on my face today. This is funny in its own right but what makes it hilarious is that after I fell I proceeded to take off running like a mad man. I had no clue what had happened for nearly a minute afterwords so I just kept running. I remember hearing an explosion (the sound of my face smacking the ground) and then thinking “oh shit I gotta get out of here.” If I’da said it out loud it would’ve been in the same tone of voice as if I had just robbed a bank. It wasn’t until I touched my hand to my face and saw blood that I realized I had fell. I stumbled to my truck and proceeded to leave. “Dipped the fuck out” is how I termed it I believe. Anyways I’m hoping  it’ll show up on Youtube or something. Try searching for “epic fail” or “hahaha some idiot that ran in front of my car.”


3 responses to “Only the good die young, right?

  1. dude, couldn’t find the video but it sounds pretty funny, good for you brotha. what is it your goin to paris for?

  2. Ouch.

  3. You sure fucked shit up. lol

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