Cranberry-Orange Scones

I’m fixing up an old road bike that’s been laying around my house for a few years. So far… I haven’t made any progress really. I spent most of my time dinkering with the front hub and then changing the rear tube (which blew out just a few minutes ago so now i’m waiting for a patch to dry.) Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have her running smooth and you’ll be able to see me cruising around Portland on my days off.

In unrelated noise, today some crazy new chick in my class gave me a bunch of bread ‘n shit which was pretty sweet. I’m a little concerned about the legitimacy of it though. Everyone else in the class left their bread at the back of the class room so I’m the only one who ended up taking anything. I’ve already consumed a large amount of scones and I feel fine so I figure the rest of it should be okay too. If I die tonight as a result of some bakery poison you can be certain of one thing… I didn’t die hungry.

Ahah I fuckin love free bread.


One response to “Cranberry-Orange Scones

  1. So she was some sketchy bitch!!! I can’t believe you trusted a sketchy bitch!!!

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