Bubble poppers

I’m not talking about Debbie Downers or Pessimistic Peters. I’m talking about people who stand much closer than needed during ordinary conversation. I really dislike people who don’t respect my space. I’m sure it bothers you too… Not to put words into your mouth or anything, it’s just a pretty universal human thing. Everyone has a bubble and when someone enters that bubble for an extended period of time you feel like hitting them. Last Friday at work I had a customer come in and proceed to stand no farther than a foot away from me over the course of about half an hour. Don’t get me wrong he was a real nice dude and everything, but what the fuck! I would slowly back away from him to get some breathing room and just as quickly as I stepped away from him he stepped towards me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing it on purpose and he goes around standing really close to people just to piss them off. That would actually be pretty funny… but I’m pretty sure he had a fucked up childhood or something and that’s why he stands so close to people. Now that I think about it like that I actually feel kinda bad for the dude. It’s not his fault his mom beat his dad in front of him as a child. I’d be pretty messed up too.


One response to “Bubble poppers

  1. My buddy brian does that at school! He’s really cool and all, but damn he gets right in front of your face!!!
    He doesn’t exactly smell like a basket of roses either.

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