Ode to a sleepless night

My last post got me to thinking. I’ve realized over the years that one thing holds true for every single person I’ve ever met. Every single person in the world has issues. We’re all fucked up in one way or another. Some people are screwed up in more obvious ways than others but that’s to be expected considering how diverse the human species is. At this point you either agree with me or you don’t. Regardless the next question you want answered is “so what? So what you ask? Well “good question” is my answer. Whenever my sanity is in question I just remind myself that everyone else is fucked up too and so in reality I’m no more fucked up than anyone else. Now you too can use this as justification for your own sanity. You’re welcome.

Then again, who wants to die sane? Insanity is so much more fun.


One response to “Ode to a sleepless night

  1. So true! Everyone has something to say about atleast one parent. Parents need to learn to lay off, especially by the age of 18. It’s not neccessary to keep a kid on a four foot leash. I say, “fuck that shit! I’m leaving.”
    But this comment is coming from personal issues. Point proven by Caveman. 🙂

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