Everything’s better with a laser on it.

I hate when you tell someone you don’t give a fuck but they just don’t get it. Like they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that you don’t care. It’s incomprehensible to them or something. Not my problem dude….

Okay anyways everyone should order lasers from that site (or equivalent) so that we can have some seriously epic light saber battles in the fog. Imagine if everyone from the Portland metro area purchased them… These things travel 12 miles at night and who knows how far if it’s foggy. You would never be safe. Everywhere you turned you would be at risk for “death by light saber.”

That sounds pretty sweet to me. I was so excited when I ordered mine that I spent the extra $3 on expedited shipping so that it would get here this week. I’m hoping it’ll be here by the end of the week at latest. Do you wanna know the quickest way to tell when you’re at an engineering school during winter? On foggy days the atmosphere is filled with green rays of awesome lasernes. They know how to have fun and now I too will be able to have fun. Yes, lasers truly are our only chance at happiness. Their cost-to-fun ratio is exceptional. Get the picture? BUY A FUCKIN LASER.

Hopefully I figure out how to use the force before my first real battle. I’m not afraid to use the dark side if need be.


One response to “Everything’s better with a laser on it.

  1. unless you bought the 4 footer they dont go 12 miles lol. they go aprox 1 mile which is still crazy as fuck

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