The Dalai Lama knows some shit.

I hate laundry. Especially the folding part. I do it anyways though because it makes my life easier. And also it makes me smell like a Mountain Breeze

At the beginning of last September I was working graveyard full time at Walmart and I had just begun school again. For about a two month time span I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep. It was pretty shitty. So why did I do it? Because in the long run it will make my life easier.

You gotta do whatcha gotta do. Get busy living or get busy dying (who can name the movie?). That’s how I feel about life. You get back what you put in. Blah blah blah… You get my point. In about two and a half months time (revised) I’ll be on a plane to Brussels, Belgium. From there I intend to ride my bike across Europe. It’s gonna be pretty gnarly.

Sierra will be my accomplice in these travelings. We’re going to see as much of Europe as possible while riding bikes and using public transportation over the course of two months. I’m buying what I hope will be enough supplies so that we may sleep on the road comfortably. The plan is to stay in youth hostels whenever possible. I look forward greatly to shining people in the face with my laser. I’m for sure getting my ass kicked before I leave Europe.

I’m purchasing my ticket this week. Over the next two months I’ll be acquiring all the things I need to survive on my own. So far I’m thinking a sleeping bag, assorted tools to work on the bikes, a change of clothes and (insert useful item here). Hopefully I know what I’m getting myself into.

I’m getting loose ends tied off early so when I come back my life won’t be a complete mess. I’m stoked.


4 responses to “The Dalai Lama knows some shit.

  1. Dear fellow accomplice,



  2. livin’ the good life…
    sleeping outside…
    eating on train tracks…
    writing eachothers names on trees…
    following a road that may never end…
    u got a compass?
    and/or a map?

  3. how much is a laser anyway?
    I hella want one!

  4. I spent $26 on mine but that’s with the added $3 quick shipping. Hella worth it. The only problem I have with mine is it has to be warmed up to work properly. Annoying but whatever.

    Ya I have a compass but i’ll probably wait to get a map till i’m there. My compass really probably won’t be particularly useful for how we’re traveling but it’ll still help.

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