The times, they are a changin.

The future contains all that is and ever will be “the rest of my life.” This is something that I find interesting. In spite of all the future holds, I still spend all of my time residing in the present. The here and now. I live in the present and no where else. The moment is mine for the taking and all I have to do is relax. Soo….. Fuck it! If I remember correctly that’s loosely the idea behind meditation. “Cool beans” seems like a fitting phrase to finish this paragraph. Equally so, “Monday nights are sketchy” seems like a fitting phrase to begin the next paragraph. Cool beans.

Monday nights are sketchy. The last two times I’ve worked on a monday night shit’s popped off. Last time a guy I talked to for over an hour stole some shit from me. This time some video game playin genious programmer hood rat decided he was gonna hide shit all over the store and come steal it later. What a d-bag! He kept calling me by name and he even made security come talk to me and vouch that I saw nothing in his hands (which I didn’t because he’d already stashed it). I’m pretty sure my work thinks I’m some sort of ring leader in all this which is kinda cool because it makes me look like a bad ass… But kinda shitty because it makes me look like someone they need to watch closer. Stupid cameras…

I got my laserrrrr, my green fuckk-inn laserrrrr. It’s been kind of a roller coaster ride for me emotionally. It works sometimes and other times it doesn’t. I keep “figuring out” what the problem is only to “figure out” that what I “figured” was wrong. In other words I bought a cheap foreign made laser that works exactly as it’s supposed to. It’s fucking awesome when it does work though. I can seriously shoot it at almost anything and it’ll hit it. My biggest problem is keeping my hand steady enough. Good thing I don’t plan to be a surgeon..

Anyways I have news about Europe. Sierra and I now have the same flights booked for our trip which will greatly simplify things. Btw in case you didn’t figure it out from my previous sentence, shit popped off and she’s back home. I’m no longer meeting her in Belgium. Long story short, she pissed off Belgium’s equivalent of Rosy O’donnell. (alsdkfjdslkjldkljdfsghnhk) Rosy O’donnell gives me the heebie jeebies.

No homo.


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