I make fun of you when you’re not looking.

I enjoy making fun of others who are different from me. Yes, this is the core of all that is racial violence but I do not care. I enjoy noticing how different the people that inhabit this world are. Every single one of us are different which makes my game of making fun of others exceptionally easy. There’s one major caveat to this.

Hopefully you’ve continued reading this far or you probably think I’m a giant ass. The caveat is that I also thoroughly enjoy making fun of my own culture. White people are funny as fuck. It’s just how we are. It’s not that I dislike a particular group of people. I enjoy making fun of all people equally. Kinda like watching a dog chase its tail, sometimes I look at a culture and wonder WTF are they thinking?

Sometimes I watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) because I find it interesting the jokes they make about white people. They could just film me talking about something and they’d find it hilarious… and I wouldn’t have a damn clue about how I was being funny. In fact I’d probably just end up being confused haha.

My point, if you so desire for me to choose one is this: Chill the fuck out and enjoy all the imperfections and differences that make us human.

BTW Gingers don’t have souls.


One response to “I make fun of you when you’re not looking.

  1. shit happens.
    everyone’s a weirdo.

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