Luck is nothing more than a well timed mistake.

I’ve come to realize something about people. We’re judgmental as fuck! Don’t think you are? Try this: Go walk down a busy street. Make eye contact with as many people as possible. What do you think about when your eyes meet?

That’s what I thought. Your mind automatically assess and makes a decision about every person you looked at. It’s not your fault your judgmental. It’s just how you were programmed! I actually find it kind of funny. My subconscious is probably the biggest shit talker in the world.

I work in the retail industry so my mind is constantly evaluating and making deciscions about people. Some of the things my mind comes up with even shock me! “Fat Ass” and “Lazy Bastard” seem to be the most common ones. Sometimes my mind will even throw in the occasional “Wow this guy smells, I bet someone’s taken a dump on his chest before…”

Ya I meet some pretty weird people so it isn’t surprising that my mind comes up with fucked up things to say about these people. I can’t help it, ya know? Sometimes I even feel bad about the thoughts that pass through my head. Often times my mind evaluates someone as a “(insert fucked up phrase of your choice here)”  and then they end up being super nice.

Vraiment… c’est la vie.

“Truly… such is life.”

I’m over it! haha.


One response to “Luck is nothing more than a well timed mistake.

  1. haha for real!!!
    i try not to be so judgemental, but it actually helps sometimes. it keeps you alert about some possible sketchy-ass people.

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