Dear myself,

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Nothing is concrete; Solid. Nor is it FOREVER. The Dalai lama says that realizing this is key to happiness. Interestingly enough that seems to be true. Everything you rely on today might very well be gone a year from now. Hell you might even be dead. Fuck it, maybe even the whole world will be gone. I sound pretty pessimistic huh?

Maybe I am. But if you accept that nothing in life is permanent and that nothing is forever you become free. Free from every reason you’ve ever had for not following your dreams. Don’t make excuses. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do it; that it’s too late to go for it. That’s all bull shit. It’s your choice. You and ONLY you decide what happens with your life. Circumstance may influence you in one direction or another but ultimately it is up to you.

Everyone’s got a story to tell… Get off your ass and make yours one worth telling.


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