Leaving for Europe in one hour!

It’s always down to the last minute! I’m not sure why but that’s how I seem to go about living my life. One hour till I leave, still not completely packed haha. Gonna be a photo finish! Meeting up with sierra at the airport around 5:30 I think. I’ve been up all night doing shit so I’m pretty tired haha.

Keep following my blog over the next few months to keep track of where i’m at in europe and what’s happened so far. I’ll try to leave updates here as often as I can find internet. Wish me luck!

No matter what happens on this trip at least I’ll know I’m going for my dreams and giving life everything I can. Next time I post I’ll have more sleep under my belt so I should sound a little more intelligent haha.


One response to “Leaving for Europe in one hour!

  1. Hell ya Caveman! Always an enthusiastic person living life to the fullest! Enjoy your trip man. I’ll keep up on these posts to see how it’s going. I’ve got it “notifying me via e-mail.”

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