I´m in Gent, Belgium

Things are going good so far. Spent the first day looking for a bike. Got myself a pretty sweet mountain bike. The first night we sleept in the middle of downtown Brussels. Funny story behind that haha, I´ll write more about it latter. Second night was pretty shitty. We went to sleep and it was nice out. Woke up a few hours later with it pouring on us. Needless to say it was less than refreshing although on the bright side it stopped raining in the morning which made things easier. Last night we stayed in a youth hostel which was fuckin sweet. It came with breakfast in the morning and everything. Today the plan is to kick it in Gent and sort of rest up, then tomorrow we´re getting up bright and early (okay so that´s every day) and finishing our way up to brugge. That`ll take all of tomorrow and maybe part of the next day depending how we feel. I´m way more out of shape than I wanted to be and I´m struggling quite a bit.

The keyboards here are way different so sorry if my posts seem to be lagging in anything. It´s been harder to find internet caffes than we expected so far but now we have “local made” maps so it should be easier for the next couple cities. I´ll be posting on here as often as I get the chance about the goings ons of my trip.

Speaking of maps, I learned how to use one haha. We made it here to Gent without tooooo many problems. It´s sort of satisfying being able to navigate yourself across a country!

I´d like to write more but I´ve got “grown up” stuff to deal with before my internet time´s up… Gotta check finances and stuff like that. Hahahaha fuckin sweet.



3 responses to “I´m in Gent, Belgium

  1. Hey mister Caveman. I’m glad to see you are surviving. We checked the Weather forcast and, well lets just say we hope you enjoy rain. I’m heading out the door to work so I gotta go but I’m glad your having fun.


  2. Yeah, mountain bike! Chris isn’t going to die on a one speed after all!

  3. I lurrve you 🙂

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