Sleeping on the streets of Belgium

Haha so two nights ago Sierra and me found a pretty sweet looking construction site to sleep in. It provided cover from the rain and in our situation that is invaluable. We got camp set up and were laying down for bed when all of the sudden a car pulled in 5 feet from where we were laying. My heart stopped. I thought for sure we were going to jail for tresspassing. I dunno about you but jail is somwhere I try to avoid.

I have never been more still in my life. In my mind I felt the shadow we were laying in growing smaller and smaller. Then people got out of the car.

I have no idea how they didn´t notice the giant backpacks laying next to us but they walked right past without a second glance. As soon as they were out of ear shot me and Sierra started cracking up laughing.

I´m still not entirely sure how we got away with it. You know what though? It was fuckin sweet haha.


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