Roma, Italy

We decided it was too cold and rainy in Belgium so we are now in Rome. Btw the exclamation point button is broken.. Im much more excited than the period made me seem haha. Its warm here which is exactly what we wanted. I spent the first half an hour after we got off the train making my pants into shorts and my shirt sleevless. Haha now I look like my normal caveman self. It was super funny thoughh….

Right after we got we got some breakfast across the street and then sat down on some steps so I could make my shorts. Well while we were sitting there a drunk italian dude was walking by  singing. Of course I starting singing with him and it was pretty bad ass. I had no clue what we were singing but that didnt seem to matter haha. Well about five minutes into our singing he got real serious and started talking to us about life n stuff I think. He kept pointing to Sierra and calling her beautiful [I think] and at random points started crying. It made me uncomfortable and needless to say, we left.

Sorry if that ending didnt meet your expectations, but thats what happened. The whole event was just odd and I wanted to share it.

What are our plans in Italy you want to know? The plan is to hitch hike our way down the coast to get as far south as possible and then work our way back up. We’re hoping to find work on a farm somewhere to get some extra coin in our pocket. Trains from belgium to Italy are expensive. They’re filled with awesome people though. We met a couple from Chile that said if we ever go to Chile we can stay with them. They were very nice and I’m excited to go visit them at some point.

Today the plan is to find ourselves an italian dictionary or speaking guide [Neither of us know how to ask for work in Italian] and possibly a better map. Oh and a watch maybe too so we can actually know what time it is instead of just going to be when it’s dark and waking up when it’s light. My time on the internet’s almost up so I’m gonna go try to send some emails.

Ciao everybody [exclamation point]


One response to “Roma, Italy

  1. Soo glad you’re out of the cold rain and enjoying the sunshine 🙂 Good luck finding work on farms, that would be awesome! I can’t wait to hear all of your stories.

    Love you and thinking of you always!


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