Give a helping hand, Dumbass.

I’m really diggin Bruxelles. I’m learining how to cuss in french haha. I’m staying in a nice hostel which I find to be oddly named. “2 go 4” is the name.

Okay so now on to the reason why this post has been titled as it is. Football is really big here. By football, I mean soccer. The best pub to go here for a soccer game is the Celtica. Cheap beer, HD TV, and a good vibe are to be found here. The night previous to this one I managed to get myself proper drunk as they say and upon leaving the establishment at around 1 I got…. lost hahahah.

It wasn’t completely a result of being drunk though. I had ripped my map earlier in the night. I stumbled around awile. Eventually I ended up in a park that I figured I could find on my map. I had only been in the park for a few seconds before I found myself face to face with a man that looked like… Jesus haha. He had hair down to his shoulders and a beard even longer.

When you’re surrounded by ancient cathedrals and a man walks out of the bushes dressed as Jesus, you question what you’re doing in your life hahah. He didn’t smite me though. He didn’t even question my authority to be stumbling around intoxicated at 1 in the morning. He helped me figure out what roads to take and I got home in like ten minutes.

So anyways, give a helping hand to someone. Feel me?


2 responses to “Give a helping hand, Dumbass.

  1. hahahaah that’s great

  2. Hey Caveman, hope you got home okay, or at least out of Bruxelles! Good hanging with you, all the best!


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