Roma, Italy

We decided it was too cold and rainy in Belgium so we are now in Rome. Btw the exclamation point button is broken.. Im much more excited than the period made me seem haha. Its warm here which is exactly what we wanted. I spent the first half an hour after we got off the train making my pants into shorts and my shirt sleevless. Haha now I look like my normal caveman self. It was super funny thoughh….

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Sleeping on the streets of Belgium

Haha so two nights ago Sierra and me found a pretty sweet looking construction site to sleep in. It provided cover from the rain and in our situation that is invaluable. We got camp set up and were laying down for bed when all of the sudden a car pulled in 5 feet from where we were laying. Continue reading

I´m in Gent, Belgium

Things are going good so far. Spent the first day looking for a bike. Got myself a pretty sweet mountain bike. The first night we sleept in the middle of downtown Brussels. Funny story behind that haha, I´ll write more about it latter. Second night was pretty shitty. We went to sleep and it was nice out. Woke up a few hours later with it pouring on us. Needless to say it was less than refreshing although on the bright side it stopped raining in the morning which made things easier. Last night we stayed in a youth hostel which was fuckin sweet. It came with breakfast in the morning and everything. Today the plan is to kick it in Gent and sort of rest up, then tomorrow we´re getting up bright and early (okay so that´s every day) and finishing our way up to brugge. That`ll take all of tomorrow and maybe part of the next day depending how we feel. I´m way more out of shape than I wanted to be and I´m struggling quite a bit.

The keyboards here are way different so sorry if my posts seem to be lagging in anything. It´s been harder to find internet caffes than we expected so far but now we have “local made” maps so it should be easier for the next couple cities. I´ll be posting on here as often as I get the chance about the goings ons of my trip.

Speaking of maps, I learned how to use one haha. We made it here to Gent without tooooo many problems. It´s sort of satisfying being able to navigate yourself across a country!

I´d like to write more but I´ve got “grown up” stuff to deal with before my internet time´s up… Gotta check finances and stuff like that. Hahahaha fuckin sweet.


Leaving for Europe in one hour!

It’s always down to the last minute! I’m not sure why but that’s how I seem to go about living my life. One hour till I leave, still not completely packed haha. Gonna be a photo finish! Meeting up with sierra at the airport around 5:30 I think. I’ve been up all night doing shit so I’m pretty tired haha.

Keep following my blog over the next few months to keep track of where i’m at in europe and what’s happened so far. I’ll try to leave updates here as often as I can find internet. Wish me luck!

No matter what happens on this trip at least I’ll know I’m going for my dreams and giving life everything I can. Next time I post I’ll have more sleep under my belt so I should sound a little more intelligent haha.

To define an existance is to be human.

I do not understand why we waste so much time. In life you never know what might defeat you. Defeat, even if not total defeat… is still defeat. Have you ever heard news that made you sick to your stomach? That’s the real world. Terrible things happen to good people.

…..Don’t let this discourage you though. It should have quite the opposite effect. Let it make you enjoy the time you DO have more thoroughly. Make use of your minutes and especially never waste one. Speak freely about your opinions and don’t be afraid to fuck shit up every once in a while.

I’m done.

Dear myself,

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Nothing is concrete; Solid. Nor is it FOREVER. The Dalai lama says that realizing this is key to happiness. Interestingly enough that seems to be true. Everything you rely on today might very well be gone a year from now. Hell you might even be dead. Fuck it, maybe even the whole world will be gone. I sound pretty pessimistic huh? Continue reading

Ode to a sleepless night.

I have come to realize that although I have changed a lot over the last few years one thing has always stayed the same. Unfortunately for me this is something that will probably always stay the same.

I’m an idiot. I accept it for what it is. I like to figure out everything I should be doing to get my life together and then do the opposite thing. It’s currently 5:30 as I type this and I have yet to sleep. I have work at 8. I’m leaving to go for a bike ride soon to get myself pumped for the day. I recently started a new job and so I have no choice but to impress my boss if I have any hopes of getting my job back after my trip to Europe.

In reality I should’ve gone to Continue reading